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National LGBT Advisory Committee on 10/02/2011

Brief account produced by Jo Parry (newly elected LTRC LGBT officer).

Present LTRC advisory members
Adrian Rowe, Neasden
Alan Bell, Hammersmith & City
Joanne Parry, TfL No.1

Apologies from LTRC advisory members
Peter Heyes, Stratford 1

EC Members Present
Janine Booth and Micky Thompson

Agenda items.

4. Equal Rights Sub Committee Report
Discussion about seeking RMT and TUC to push employers to provide paid release and formal recognition of LGBT reps and TUC equality reps

Stonewall Survey on Gay And Bisexual Men's Health

Stonewall is conducting a survey on the health needs of gay and bisexual men.

"This will be the largest ever survey of gay men’s health. We know quite a lot about gay men’s sexual health, but very little is known about the wider health needs of gay and bisexual men." Say Stonewall.

If you'd like to take part in the survey, click this link to go to Stonewall's website.

RMT Objects as London Underground Claims Staff Cuts Benefit Elderly, Disabled and Other Passengers

As a public body, London Underground has to carry out an assessment of the impact of any new policy on various equality issues. The attached file is LU's Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) for its current OSP (policy of cutting 800 mainly-stations jobs). Below is the response to this document that I have written on behalf of RMT. You will see from this that LU's EQIA falls woefully short, and ignores key equality issues.

Survey Suggests LGBT People Feel Unsafe on Public Transport

Research by several organisations across London has found that LGBT people fear for their safety on public transport including the tube and that there is a higher incident of assault - both verbal and physical - on public transport than there is in other public areas.

The British Transport Police state ‘For passengers, feeling safe is as important as being safe. The visible presence of rail staff, PCSOs and police officers can reduce the fear of crime dramatically.’

With these figures showing how LGBT people feel about travel on the underground, it should be considered that many LGBT people will feel more at risk of assault on the underground as staff cuts will inevitably mean the reduction of staff visibility.

London Pride Gallery

RMT activists joined the London Pride parade to show their solidarity with the unions LGBT members and to promote the unions pride in its own diversity.

Click 'read more' to see more photos from the day.

London Pride - 3rd July

Meet at 1130 at Marylebone Main Line Station at the Victoria And Albert Public House

London Pride is a great event for LGBT people to stand up and be counted. The RMT is a union proud of the diversity of its members and we can demonstrate this by taking part in the march on the third of July.

If you would like to take part, and march alongside your RMT brothers and sisters then please get in touch (p.r.north [at] gmail.com) and we can organise a great day.

LGBT Circular, Newsletter, Reps Poster and Electronic Advert


Please find the following attached

A PDF with

An official circular inviting nominations for LGBT Reps
LGBT Rep Poster for your workplace
LGBT Newsletter 'Standing Proud'

also attached is an advert which can be placed into newsletters

and a LGBT Website Banner - to be attached to any LGBT Union Website Page.