Young Members To Rally In Support Of St Pauls Anti-Capitalism Camp

The recent setting up of the anti capitalist camp in the vicinity of St Pauls in London is part a global movement that is seeking to raise awareness in that the attacks on ordinary working people around the world as a result of the economic crisis is directly the fault of casino styled bankers and it is they who should be footing the bill. Trade Unions have historically been at the forefront of such actions and it is imperative that people identify us as the organised voice of working people.

To show our solidarity with this movement the RMT are organising a rally of RMT Young Members to attend the St Pauls camp at 11.00hrs on Saturday 12th November 2011. Those able to attend should rendezvous at the entrance to St Pauls Tube Station just before 11.00hrs on Saturday. We will have members of the Organising Unit there to assist you. It is then planned to visit the camp and demonstrate our solidarity with those staying there. I hope that our Young Members attending will discuss with the demonstrators how the RMT might support them further in the coming weeks.

Dave Marshall from RMT Organising Unit says "I hope to be attending myself and look forward to seeing as many of there as possible."

If you are able to attend could you please notify the RMT National Education Officer at

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