TAXIS Lobby Of Parliament

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

The Law Commission is currently reviewing all legislation relating to taxi and private hire vehicles. Whilst this review, which officials claim is designed to simplify the legislation, could potentially deregulate the industry and as such is a threat to members’ livelihoods, it also presents us with a number of opportunities.

The interim statement of the Law Commission does not commit to legally defining plying for hire, however, it does acknowledge that a two-tier system must remain in place.

RMT is participating in a lobby of Parliament in order to ensure that MPs are aware of our views on any changes to legislation. This lobby is a joint lobby with both Unite and the GMB.

The rally will take place in Committee Room 10 from 4pm to 6pm on Tuesday 2nd July. Members are encouraged to arrange to meet their Member of Parliament on the day, in order to express their opposition to any further deregulation of the trade. In order to lobby your MP please arrive at 1.30pm.

For further information please contact m.carty [at]