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Defend Bro Fasoro

We note the report from our Lead Officer regarding the thinly disguised disgraceful third party interference by ABM which led to the sacking of Bro Fasoro by his agency Premier Work Support for trades union activity; and put on record now that the RMT will consider every avenue to ensure our brothers ability to undertake lawful trades union activity is remedied and he is reinstated without any detriment.

ISS KAD strike action suspended


We note the report from the Lead Officer; that the company have now agreed to enter talks at ACAS.

We suspend the planned strike action for Wednesday 13th June 2018, and instruct members to work normally.

We also note that the ballot mandate expires on Thursday 14th June 2018; and instruct the General Secretary to prepare a new ballot matrix asap.

We remain open for talks with the company.

Members to be advised by email and text.

RMT confirms further strike action on DLR in dispute over breakdown in industrial relations

RMT cleaners, security staff and travel safe officers on Docklands Light Railway will be taking part in a further phase of strike action over a comprehensive breakdown in industrial relations, the union confirmed today, as the intransigent attitude of the management continues to refuse to meet and negotiate a settlement.

The workers involved in the dispute are employed by contractor ISS on the KAD contract and will take further strike action as follows:

Not to book on for any turns of duty that commence between:-

ISS KAD dispute update



We note the report from our Lead Officer; and that a meeting is taking place today between our negotiations team and the company.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a further report asap from the Lead Officer and place it before this NEC.

Docklands Light Railway Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

Respect for cleaners


We note the resolution from our East Ham Branch and instruct the General Secretary to launch a campaign of mutual respect between all grades with an emphasis on
cleaning grades in line with the resolution.

All London Transport Region Branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

Another RMT victory for ABM cleaner members

Dear member,

This afternoon we met with the Deputy Mayor of London.

The Deputy Mayor has advised me that the removal of contractual sick pay for the ex Vinci TUPED into ABM cleaners ( who had been in receipt of it before the TUPE) has been reversed. This clear injustice has been rectified by the determined effort and activities of the RMT.

We now of course will redouble our efforts and continue the fight for all ABM cleaners to recieve proper Sick pay / Travel benefits / better pensions and pay as well as justice at work.