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RMT Fully Opposed To Fingerprinting Of Workers

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and agree that our members should be empowered to refuse to book on using biometric systems.

We reiterate that we are completely opposed to fingerprinting and other biometric booking on
procedures, as these infringe on our members’ civil liberties and threaten jobs.

Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to immediately conduct a ballot of our members on this contract for industrial action short of strike, to a timescale that enables action to be taken from the date on which ISS attempts to impose this system.

RMT London Calling Newsletter June 2013

In this edition of RMT London Calling are stories on:

  • We Will Resist Job Cuts - Fight For A Fully Funded Publicly Owned Underground
  • Defend Clara Osagiede
  • Mobile Supervisors and ICSAs Signal the Start of Post-Olympic Cuts - We Can and Will Defend Pay, Conditions & Job Security
  • Statement from RMT LT Region on Arson Attack against Islamic centre.
  • Lobby Against Taxi Deregulation
  • Tubelines Pension Dispute Continues
  • Save Whitechapel Ticket Office
  • Pride 2013
  • NSSN Conference

ISS Cleaners Vote 100% For Strike Action


That we note the ballot result for both strike action and action short of strikes is follows:-

Total votes cast - 77

Number voting “Yes” - 77 (100%)

Number voting “No” - 0

Spoilt Papers - 0

We congratulate our members on their determination to fight against this employer’s attacks on their working conditions. We further note the recent significant increase in RMT membership and commend our representatives for achieving this.

London Calling May 2013

In this edition:

  • Piccadilly dispute latest
  • Tube lines dispute
  • Update on Rainbow Sickness Process from Stations Functional Council Reps
  • Fighting for the 33
  • Support ISS Cleaners
  • Supervisor Cuts and Wider use of ICSAs Will be Resisted
  • Thermal Comfort Survey

Reports To London Transport Regional Council Meeting April 2013

At this month's London Transport Regional Council Meeting, reports were given by our Executive member Janine Booth and Regional Organiser John Leach.

These are just notes of the areas discussed - to find out more, have a look through this site, speak to your local rep and do your best to attend branch meetings and the LTRC meeting which is held on the last Thursday of each month except June and December.

Meeting Agenda

TfL Abrogates Responsibility As Carlisle Refuses To Pay London Living Wage

We note the correspondence on file from Transport for London. We do not accept its abrogation of responsibility for Carlisle’s disgraceful refusal to pay the London Living Wage.

Transport for London (and other public bodies) must take responsibility for bodies in its chain of contracting. We further note the lack of response from Boris Johnson, and instruct the General Secretary to step up our public and political campaigning on this matter.

ISS Increases London Living Wage 6 Months Late

We note that a meeting is to take place with ISS on 18 April and instruct the General Secretary to place a report of this meeting in front of us.

We further note that ISS intends to only pay the uprated level of the London Living Wage six months after the uprating is announced, and claims that this is allowed for in its contract. We are appalled by this, which means in practice that our members are expected to live on less than a living wage for 50% of their lives.

Regional Council Executive Report March 2013

The London Transport Region's Executive Member has given a report to the London Transport region at the recent Regional Council.

For full details all RMT members are invited to come to the meeting.

Regional Council meetings are held at the Exmouth Arms near Euston Station at 1630 on the last Thursday of the month, except June and December.

Recognition agreement signed
Pay and conditions claim to be drafted

RMT complaints policy
Bob Carnegie
International solidarity conference in Paris

ISS Annual Leave Purchase Plan Would Leave Some Workers Earning Less than Minimum Wage

We note the report from our lead officer, that ISS has still not responded to our request for a meeting to discuss this issue. We instruct the General Secretary to pursue this, and should such a meeting not have been scheduled within 14 days, to place this matter back in front of us.