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Locked Out Cleaners Return To Work

Further to my previous Circular No. IR/246/14, 19th September, members voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking industrial action. Following this result, extensive talks have taken place under the auspices of ACAS and we are now in a position that allows our locked out members to return to work with dignity, including a hardship loan from the Company for those that need it. The options that have been given to individuals returning are as follows:-

RMT Seeks Legal Advice On ISS Plan

‘That we note the responses from the Relief Regional Organiser South, Finsbury Park and Edinburgh No.1 Branches along with legal opinion. It is the Union’s view that the proposal by ISS could be deemed as unlawful and therefore we instruct the General Secretary to inform the Company of our rejection of their
amendment due to breaches of section 10 of the Employment Relations Act 1999.

Relevant Branches and Regional Councils to be advised.’

RMT Preparing Ballot Of Locked Out Cleaners

Our members working for ISS on the London Underground Contract have been in dispute with their employer for many months over the use of a Biometric Fingerprinting to book on for duty. We had been in talks with the company but now this process has been imposed by the company on our members. As a result of this imposition, our members have been reminded of the union’s instruction that they should refuse to use the Biometric technology and should continue to use the agreed manner to book on.

Bakerloo Branch Newsletter July 2014

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  • Brian Munro, 1968-2014

RMT Condemns ISS Sacking

TUBE UNION RMT today slammed cleaning contractor ISS for sacking at least one tube cleaner – and sending home many more workers without pay today – for following a union instruction not to book on for shifts using Biometric Fingerprinting Machines.

The agency cleaner was sacked after refusing to use the biometric system to sign on for work at Heathrow Terminal 4 this morning.

Cleaners' Solidarity Demo

Venue: Old Palace Yard, Westminster, SW1P 3JY
Urgent: Demonstration tomorrow in solidarity with ISS cleaners
09.00 Tuesday 8th July Old Palace Yard (opposite Parliament)

You will be aware that we are still in dispute with ISS over their plans to impose a Biometric Fingerprinting system to book on for duty. We had reached agreement that the company would allow the old booking on system for two weeks while we continued to talk. These talks have unfortunately failed to reach agreement.

RMT cleaners say no to fingerprinting !

RMT cleaners on ISS refuse to book on using biometric machines.
Please download and print the attached newsletter and proforma to support our cleaners
Station staff: support the cleaners’ action!
RMT has been involved in a long-running dispute over the use of fingerprinting for booking on which the union believes is a fundamental attack on civil liberties and designed to completely dehumanise the
workplace while threatening jobs through automation in the drive for increased profits.

ISS Cleaners Refuse Biometric Booking On

I write to remind you that we remain in dispute with ISS over the planned introduction of Biometric Fingerprinting Machines for booking on for duty. We are totally opposed to this technology which we believe is a breach of civil liberties and a threat to your jobs. Members on the LUL contract voted ‘Yes’ in a ballot for industrial action and were instructed by the union not to use the new technology until further notice and to use the established booking on method. This action is still in place and you remain protected by the ballot in taking this action.

Union Fights For Cleaners 'Dignity, Respect and Security'


A resolution was received from our LU Engineering branch concerning our cleaning grade members working on London Underground. It raised a number of issues affecting the whole grade such as the following

  • Free Travel
  • Sick Pay
  • Zero Hours Contracts
  • The use of immigration laws and fingerprinting to intimidate members.