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Bakerloo News January 2016

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for RMT London Transport members in the Bakerloo branch.  Download it and print it out for your colleagues, or share it online.

In this edition:

  • New year, new action: overtime ban on stations - Prepare to strike!

  • Questions & Answers On The New Action

  • Taking the fight to Interserve

  • Drivers: say no to distractions in the cab

  • Keep Bakerloo Ticket Offices Open!


Tube cleaners fight back

Over 50 Interserve cleaners, Tube workers from other grades, and supporters held a noisy protest outside Interserve's head office on Tuesday 15 December, exposing the Scrooge-like practises of the cleaning contractor, which routinely short-pays its workers.

Massive pay win for RMT cleaners on DLR

Transport union RMT has secured a massive pre-Christmas pay victory for key groups of staff working for outsourcing company Interserve on London’s Docklands Light Railway.

After RMT put on a package of strike action and action short of a strike further negotiations have been held with Interserve on the pay issue.

As a result of the industrial pressure the company have now agreed to a 75p per hour increase for all cleaning supervisors, travel safe and security staff, backdated to April 2015.

Improved pay offer made to DLR Interserve members following members resolve on issue


Further to my previous Circular (IR/243/15, 13th October 2015) the RMT negotiating team met the Company on Tuesday 22nd December and a revised and improved offer was received which includes a payment to address the pay differentials, certain tasks to be performed by Security staff and a commitment from the Company to continue talks with RMT into 2016 to discuss any other matters of concern.

Bakerloo News December 2015

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for RMT members of the Bakerloo branch. In this edition:

  • Reject LU’s latest offer: prepare for more action - It’s not final until we say it is!
  • The Gory Details
  • Prepare to strike to defend Glen Hart
  • Not fit for the present
  • Marylebone POMs
  • Paul Okoro reinstated
  • Drivers: request assisted dispatch!
  • Tube cleaners demand dignity and respect

Bakerloo News October 2015: Cleaners fight back

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for RMT members of the Bakerloo branch.

In this edition:

  • Cleaners fight back - RMT steps up campaign against exploitation

  • London Underground tries to undermine our unions

  • LU attacks disabled workers

  • Justice won for Grant West

  • We are international

  • Union guidance on ticket office training for CSAs

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RMT To Launch Recruitment Campaign To Fight Interserve Job Cuts


Further to my previous Circular (IR/211/15, 3rd September 2015), the Lead Officer and our Reps held a meeting with Interserve over the cuts in cleaning jobs on this contract. The Company advised that a number of positions will be cut but that all reductions will be made up wholly of agency staff.