TfL no.1 branch

Welcome to TfL No.1 branch's webpage. The branch represents and organises TfL workers in TICC, Oyster and TIC, and LU Managers, Admin and Technical services. It also represents individual members in the rest of TfL. For more information please contact the branch secretary or branch chair. Please come along and get involved - you will be made very welcome! You will need to sign in to read branch meeting minutes.



TfL no.1 branch post-holders 2011

  • Branch Secretary: Linda Wiles
  • Branch Chair: Paul Rutland
  • Vice Secretary: Lindsay Rutland
  • Vice Chair: Joanne Parry
  • Membership Secretary: Duncan Delvin
  • Auditors:
    • Lindsay Rutland
    • Duncan Delvin
    • William Childs
  • Cheque signatories:
    • Linda Wiles
    • Joanne Parry
    • Maria Taylor
    • Paul Rutland
    • Roy Carey
  • Champions:
    • Age: William Childs
    • Black & Minority Ethnic: Roy Carey
    • Disability: Karen Fay
    • Environment: Dawn Smith
    • LGBT: Joanne Parry
    • Political: Sean Willis

RMT Representatives in TfL no.1 branch area, 2011

TfL Company Council Reps (Industrial Relations)

Senior IR Representatives

  • Maria Taylor (TICC, Pier Walk)
  • Karen Fay (TICC, Pier Walk)
  • Andre Ashman (Oyster, Pier Walk)
  • Mohammed Patel (TIC, Victoria)

Local IR elected Reps

  • Paul Rutland (RNC, Kings Building)
  • William Childs (CSEP, Buckingham Palace Road)

TfL Health & Safety

  • Karen Fay (Senior Rep) (TICC, Pier Walk)
  • Ingrid Rosso (TICs, Liverpool St)
  • Sarah Hicks (LTM, Covent Garden)

TfL Union Learning Reps

  • Maria Taylor (lead Rep) (TICC, Pier Walk)

TfL no.1 branch Standing Orders

1. Branch Meetings

1.1 Ordinary branch meetings shall be held at the Old Star public house Broadway LONDON SW1H, on every third Tuesday of each month, but this may be varied from time to time as circumstances demand. The meeting shall open at 17:30 and close at 20:30.

[Note: The branch now meets on the second Monday of the month at 17:30 at the Blue Eyed Maid, Borough High Street]

Duty Managers Grade Progression

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary

Following our member’s earlier rejection of LUL’s proposals on Duty Managers Grades Progression, further talks took place to discuss this matter. It is through our members resolve and determination that an improved deal has now been secured by our negotiating team and the General Grades Committee has decided to hold a referendum of Duty Manager Grades with a recommendation to accept.

Voting papers have now been sent out and the closing date is Tuesday 4th January 2011.

Joint Communication sent by: RMT; UNITE; TSSA and ASLEF to LU Employees impacted by Support Services Review

leafletClick '1 attachment' to download this as a PDF.

Following various meeting the Trade Unions have held with London Underground, we feel it would be beneficial to update you on the current situation in respect of Assessment & Selection and also awareness of the implications of applying for the Non Permanent Roles listed by LU.

Assessment & Selection

Positive East: World AIDS Day collections

The late Andy Melvin used to work as a volunteer for this charity based in East London so any support our members can give would be most appreciated by the whole of TfL No.1 Branch

15th - 30th November, Tube station collections
Positive East will be collecting vital funds and distributing red ribbons at tube stations during November and we need your help to make the collections a success. Please give 2 hours of your time to join our friendly team of volunteers and let people know about World AIDS Day while collecting money in support of Positive East:

Resolution to Regional Council: Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

This resolution, submitted by TfL no.1 branch, was carried unanimously by the July meeting of the Regional Council ...

This LTRC condemns the recent attack on the ships carrying humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

We call upon the RMT to join with the international community to demand that there is an independent enquiry into the incident.

We insist that Israel is not part of this ‘independent’ enquiry, but that they have an enquiry of their own.

Resolution: Mario Joseph

The following resolution, submitted by TfL no.1 branch, was carried unanimously by the July meeting of the Regional Council ...

Haiti humanitarian lawyer Mario Joseph was a guest speaker invited to the UK to appear at various venues, including the RMT Black and Ethnic Minority Committee. He was refused entry into the UK for the most obscure of reasons.

The refusal to admit Mario Joseph is an insult to all who care about Haiti and its people.

Resolution to Regional Council: It’s a normal working day!

This resolution, submitted by TfL no.1 branch, was carried unanimously by the July meeting of the Regional Council ...

This LTRC request the RMT announce its disgust at the cold and callous behaviour of the Mayor for London, Boris Johnson.

On the 7th July 2005 London Underground was bombed as well as a London Bus. 52 people lost their lives and more than 700 injured.

This event shocked and appalled the British nation as well as the rest of the world. Many RMT members were at work on the day aside the emergency services. London suffered the trauma collectively.