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Report: Bank group level one meeting, 28 January 2014

Yesterday (28 January), there was a Level One meeting for Bank group, attended by me (RMT rep), the TSSA rep and the GSM. Official minutes will appear in due course. Issues discussed, and outcomes, included the following:

It was noted that staff were not give adequate notice of the new roster at St. Paul’s and Chancery Lane at the end of last year. You are entitled to 14 days notice of any change to the roster, and management committed that this will happen in future.

Resolution to September Regional Council meeting: Eastern European migrant workers

Proposed by the Regional Council Executive Committee

We note that from 1 January 2014, restrictions will be lifted on Bulgarian and Romanian citizens coming to the UK to live and work. Those people who do so are likely to find themselves in the lowest-paid, most insecure jobs. Many of these jobs will be in London Transport, for example in contracted-out cleaning, catering and engineering functions.

Tube Lines Joint Working Party Full Decision

We note the report from our lead officer, summarising the views expressed at our representatives’ meeting on 23 August. Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to advise the employer that:

  1. trade union representation on the Joint Working Party should be proportional to the membership of the trade unions; that RMT’s delegation should include all our Company Council members; and that all members of the JWP should be either Tube Lines employees or full-time officers;

Victoria Line Dispute

That we note the correspondence on file from the ASLE&F reporting that they will not be balloting their members for Industrial Action on the Victoria Line, however this Union remains in dispute on this matter.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

Motion Passed At LTRC August 2013

This motion passed at the LTRC has been posted privately for logged in members only. click here to see the other motions passed

Overseas Ownership of Railways
We are disappointed by the RMT press release of June 24, 'RMT AGM hears of full extent of overseas take over of Britain's railways'. We oppose all profiteering ownership of the railways, regardless of the nationality of the owners.

RMT Prepares Ballot In Response To Brother Woods Disciplinary

We note the resolution from our Central Line East branch and share its disgust at the disciplinary action taken against Brother Woods.

We instruct the General Secretary to

1. immediately prepare a ballot matrix of members on Central Line East stations group

2. urgently contact London Underground Ltd insisting that it completely exonerate Brother Woods

3. place this matter in front of us on receipt of LUL’s response, or any other update on the disciplinary process, and in any case within 21 days, at which point we will consider conducting a ballot for industrial action.

Young Member AGM Resolutions 2013 Results

Branches sent a number of resolutions to the Young Members Advisory Committee 2013 which took place in Newcastle this February. These were debated at length, some were voted against and fell whilst others were voted in favour and carried.
2 of which were also voted to go to the unions annual general meeting.

Full wording of these resolutions can be found here:

This week at the unions AGM in Brighton the president ruled out Resolution1) No title (re: A Young members fund) for a number of reasons.

TWU America Young Workers Summit 2013

(please see attached-TWU Young Workers Summit 2013- Summery)

The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) had their first youth meeting in Washington DC a couple of months ago attracting 14 young workers, there they created a draft constitution (bylaws) in view of forming a young workers committee. Following this meeting they took on draft amendments.

Jubilee Line Ballot Results

That we note the ballot result is as follows:-

Total votes cast ....14...............

Number voting “Yes” ....12...............

Number voting “No” ....2................

Spoilt Papers ....0................

We congratulate our members on their determination to challenge the problems at North Greenwich and Stratford depots. Noting the strike action called by ASLEF, we instruct our members to take strike action by not booking on for duties commencing between:
• 00:01 and 23:59 on 2nd April 2013
• 00:01 and 23:59 on 2nd May 2013