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RMT Upfront April 2017

RMT Upfront is the newsletter for Tube drivers from the RMT. In this editing are health & safety articles on:

  • Tube bosses desire to reintroduce 'flash and dash'
  • Tunnel telephone wire removal
  • The unacceptable number of staff assaults
  •  The health risk of tunnel dust

Please click the attachment to read the newsletter. You can also download it and distribute it in your depot, or share this article with your work mates.

Drivers' union RMT wins again for Night Tube train ops

RMT announces victory for justice over Night Tube drivers’ career progression.

TUBE UNION RMT has called off strike action and heralded a victory for justice for Night Tube drivers as LUL agreed to end the practice of preventing them from moving into vacant full-time positions for a period of at least 18 months. All other staff, including part-time Night Tube Station Staff had been eligible to apply, but Night Tube Train Operators were not.

RMT to arrange meeting to discuss Central Line displacement dispute


Further to my previous Circular (IR/65/17, 15th February 2017), all Train Operator and Instructor Operator members at Hainault, Leytonstone and Loughton Traincrew Depots are commended for the rock solid strike action over Tuesday 21stand Wednesday 22nd February 2017. The following resolution has now been received from Central Line East Branch:-

Ballot to be prepared of Piccadilly Line drivers



Further to my previous Circular (IR/377/16, 6th December 2016), in which I advised that the NEC had taken the decision to cancel the planned strike action as the major issues of this dispute had been ceded by management and were therefore resolved, the following resolution has now been received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-

As London Bridge Three ballot opens, RMT General Secretary tells tube bosses 'do the right thing'

Tube union RMT has confirmed that balloting of station staff across the London Bridge and Waterloo group for both strike action and action short of a strike has opened today after one member was sacked and two others disciplined for intervening to stop a serious assault by a fare-dodger on fellow staff members including one who was pregnant. The ballot will close on the 18th April.

RMT London Calling newsletter - Defend the London Bridge 3 special


Attached is the lastest RMT London Calling newsletter.

Focusing on our 3 members at London Bridge who have been disciplined for rushing to assist a co- worker who was being assaulted. That co-worker was pregnant.

Please download, print display and distribute across your workplace.

The ballot on London Bridge and Waterloo will begin on March 30 and ballot papers must be returned by April 18.

London Underground managers have been quoted on social media and in the press as saying "Kirsty Watts was never assaulted " 

Picc & Dic branch resolution on S04 grade signallers at Earl's Court


The following resolution was recently received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-

“This Branch notes the recent consultation between the SO4 Grade Signallers and the Regional Organiser and the signal/control room Functional Council Rep. The Earl’s Court Service Operators do not feel satisfied that they are being treated fairly with regards to migration to the new Hammersmith Control Room for the following reasons:-

Picc & Dic branch call for action over defective brakes and subsequent unfair disciplianry actions


The following resolution was recently received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-

“This Branch calls on the General Secretary to immediately instigate an investigation of all Train Operator SPAD’s (Signals Passed At Danger), overruns and all safety related items which may happen due to defective brakes.

Demo to defend the London Bridge 3 - April 3 0800 - 0930 London Bridge Station

Demo to support the London Bridge 3

London Bridge Station April 3 0800 - 0930

London Underground senior managers are seeking to lie and mislead the public over the events surrounding the punitive disciplinary sanctions handed down to the London Bridge 3.

Their colleague, who was pregnant, was assaulted by a fare eveader on November 16.

She requested assistance via connect radio and this has been confirmed by the CSS who took the radio call.

London Underground are lying when they say this CSA was not assaulted.