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Attendance and discipline

Management's discipline and attendance policies - and the way they use them to mistreat staff

RMT secures Paul Okoro reinstatement

Great News! I've just received confirmation from LUL that following today's directors review, Brother Paul Okoro of Piccadilly and District West branch who had been sacked since 7th May , has been reinstated to LUL as a C.S.A. This success is due to the resolve of RMT piccadilly line Drivers who voted to Stike for Paul and on other issues that we are still attending to. Thanks to all involved. Solidarity wins, John Leach RMT Regional Organiser London Transport region 11

Piccadilly Line drivers vote to strike over rife abuse of agreements

RMT confirms driver strike vote on Piccadilly Line over comprehensive breakdown in industrial relations

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that train operators across the Piccadilly Line have voted overwhelmingly for both strike action and action short of a strike over a comprehensive breakdown in industrial relations combining a range of issues. Over 70% voted to strike with an even larger majority for action short. The result will now be considered by the union’s executive.

Piccadilly News July 2015: Ballot For Industrial Action Announced

  • Piccadilly News is the newsletter for tube train drivers at Arnos Grove, Acton Town and Northfields. You can download, print and distribute the newsletter using the link below.


RMT Announces Further Tube Strike Action

Tube union RMT confirmed that members across London Underground will be taking strike action from 1830 hours on Wednesday 5th August to 1829 hours on Thursday 6th August. The on-going overtime ban, which has already severely impacted on staff availability to run services, also continues.

The strike times for driver members will run slightly later, between 21.00 on 5th August to 20.59 on 6th August.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

Reinstate Paul Okoro - Sacked Because His Phone Rang

Paul Okoro has been unfairly sacked because his phone rang. The RMT are defending Paul and we are ready to fight for his reinstatement. What has happened to him could happen to any of us. Stand with us now as we support him and defend ourselves against unfair dismissal.

Paul Okoro was sacked because he briefly glanced at his mobile phone whilst in Northfields depot. The train was stationary and he didn't answer his phone. He handed over the train to a colleague before taking the call in the passenger saloon – his actions were safe at all times.

Neasden Flyer

Attached is the Neasden Flyer for November. This is planned to be a monthly publication. Please let me know at the next branch if you have any info which you wish to be included in the next edition.


Attached is the London Underground SPAD policy, Case Conference for Safety Competance procedure and the Case Conference Guidelines.

These documents could be useful for both members and reps involved in SPAD incidents.

RMT Demands Improvements As Sodexo Contract Extended

Sodexo secured 3 year contract extension with TfL with staffing structure changes taking effect on 1st July 2015; before those changes come in place, Sodexo plans:

  • Enter into formal consultation with all staff on 1st May 2015;
  • Between 1st May and 30th June Sodexo will announce, notify and consult with all Affected Staff;

RMT Highlights Opposition To Rainbow Procedure


Further to my previous Circular (IR/120/13, 21st February 2013), the Attendance, Performance and Conduct (APC) working group met to discuss this matter where RMT confirmed that we remain opposed to this policy and LUL’s use and abuse of its attendance policy more generally. The following resolution has recently been received from our Piccadilly & District West Branch in respect of this matter:-

LUL Guidance on Annual Leave Policy

Attached is the London Underground policy 'Guidance On Annual Leave' (GOAL).