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Support Abdul Omer Mohsin

On March 31st 2010, Abdul Omer Mohsin was sacked for being an effective union rep at London Sovereign. London Sovereign is owned alongside London United by the Transdev group.

Omer began working at London United in February 2003 and transferred to London Sovereign in July 2007. The wages at London Sovereign were about £4,000 a year less than those paid at London United. Omer made his colleagues aware of the huge gap in wages and began to organise a campaign for parity.

RMT Condemns Takeover Of Arriva By Deutsche Bahn

THE £1.59 BILLION takeover of the Arriva transport group was condemned today by Britain’s biggest specialist transport union as another worrying step towards the creation of a pan-European private transport monopoly.

RMT will be seeking urgent meetings with DB and its newly acquired subsidiaries in order to safeguard the jobs and interests of its members.

Reinstate Anthony Burke!

Bus Inspector Anthony Burke was medically terminated by Transport for London for taking time off following pit bull dog, gun and racial assaults on him at work.

A protest took place on Friday 16th April 2010 outside 200, Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria (pictured).

Demonstration in Support of Alberto Durango and the Cleaners

A demonstration is to take place at the offices of UBS at 100, Liverpool Street, EC2, to protest against the actions of Lancaster (Rentokil).

Alberto Durango was sacked from Lancaster on 4th February 2010 for organising the workers and standing up for their rights. Alberto is a good friend of London RMT Bus Workers and they are asked to attend and give their support to him and the cleaners.

The cleaners are being pressured to agree to a cut in working hours with subsequent loss of pay while still being expected to do the same amount of work.

Ealing Council Threatens to Remove Acton Green Bus Stand

On Tuesday 26th January 2010 at Ealing Council's cabinet meeting it was decided by the cabinet that due to the limited progress made to date with their "earlier conciliatory approach" to Transport for London and London United, to address the problems that arise through the poor management of bus operations at the route 94 bus stand in Acton Green, it authorised council officers to remove the bus stand. The council will also write again to TfL and the bus operator London United to try to progress this issue, express concern over the issue and insist upon urgent action.