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Defend Glen Hart - demo at Clapham Common Station 9/12/15 at 0800


Defend Glen Hart


Stop the victimisation of RMT rep/activist Glen Hart by London Underground

The RMT are demonstrating against the unfair victimisation of Glen Hart who has been targeted solely because he is a RMT activist and he loses a station during last years OT ban because he had no relief.

LUL have since tried to discipline Glen with unfounded and untrue allegations.

LUL found no charge at the first CDI - immediately they produced another set of equally flimsy charges.

This time Glen is accused of being " horrible" to a manager

Tube Bosses plan to cut half of rush hour staff at Leytonstone station: scene of recent horrific attack

RMT demands moratorium on station job cuts as union reveals that Leytonstone will lose half its rush hour staff in February.

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded that London Underground halt its station job cuts programme as the union revealed that Leytonstone station, scene of Saturdays horrific knife attack, will lose half its rush hour staff from February under proposed new rosters. The Leytonstone cuts are part of an overall package from early next year which would strip 838 front-line, uniformed station staff out of the tube system.

RMT receiving regular reports of severe overcrowding on tube

RMT warns of continuing tube overcrowding danger as it emerges that Oxford Circus was closed 112 times in past year

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"The news today that Oxford Circus has had to be closed 112 times in the past year due to severe overcrowding is the clearest warning yet that the tube netwo‎rk is bursting at the seams. It also confirms that the only buffer between that overcrowding and a major tragedy is station and platform staff taking life-or-death decisions to manage the massive pressure on the system. 

Hammersmith depot drivers in dispute with bosses


The following resolution was recently received from our Hammersmith & City Branch:-

“This Branch calls on the NEC to commence a ballot of our Driver membership at Hammersmith Depot for strike action and action short of strike action. This is due to a breakdown in industrial relations with the local manager and breach of LUL procedures”.

RMT concerned at treatment of disabled workers by London Underground bosses


Further to my previous Circular (IR/224/15, 23rd September 2015), the following resolution was recently received from our Hammersmith & City Branch:-

“This Branch is concerned how some station staff are being treated under the ‘Fit for the Future programme’. The members concerned are those who have medical restrictions due to a disability and who seem to be being singled out and moved without taking into account these restrictions.

Tube bosses' latest pay offer explained


Further to my previous Circular (IR/270/15, 5th November 2015), the summary of the recent offer which was received from London Underground and communicated to all members last week, is also below for your information and attention.

Fleet Branch calls for renewed push for pension parity with London Underground for former Tube Lines workers

Please find below a resolution submitted by the LU Fleet Branch:

This branch notes that it has now been 10 months since any meaningful discussions regarding the issue of TFL pensions for Tube Lines staff and ex Tube Lines staff who have TUPE transferred to TFL/LUL. Discussions were put on hold so that talks regarding Night Tube could take place.

RMT continues to oppose ticket office closures

Despite massive opposition from staff and passengers, London Underground has ploughed ahead with its closure programme. The attached spreadsheet, put together by an RMT activist indicates where ticket offices remain open, and their proposed closure dates. The information could be used to assist and encourage other activists to organise protests and activities to voice our opposition against these cuts.